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Hello Debra, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book “Where Are Your Standards?” I was married for 36 years. However, if I had this book and the knowledge contained within, I would have made totally different choices. I now realize my standards were too low. I didn’t have anyone willing to share their stories and the consequences of what happens when you don’t have any standards. When you said “You are like a wounded animal in the wild. All of the animals prey on you and devour you.” I couldn’t agree with you more. I am now a Diva with Standards and have raised the standards in my life. As a retired educator, I recommend this book become required reading for every high school and college student. We spend a great deal of time teaching math and reading, but nothing on healthy relationships. Since marriage is often the next step after completing your education, this book could help reduce the divorce rate and help stabilize marriages and families. I highly recommend this book! It truly is a book for all ages.

Gertie S.

I really enjoyed this book. Finally, a book that shows women how not to fall into bad situations with the wrong guy, and stay there. Where are your standards? An easy and necessary read. The sooner we learn to do better, we will. Mrs Mitchell has nailed this one.

Michelle W.

Debra I really enjoyed this book! This book was a outstanding collection of the stories of love and (hopefully) lessons learned. I laughed, I got teary eyed and at times, I was shocked. Kudos to these brave women for baring their souls (including me) and thank you Debra for the opportunity to participate is such an endevor. I especially liked the wisdom that you shared at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book. We've got to open our eyes and most certainly raise our standards. I hope that our stories can inspire and empower many.

Mary C.

Debra Clifton Mitchell I agree with StephAnie J you are a wonderful mentor and one of the greatest ladies I have ever met!! I am so glad I got to know you!! Your not only an inspiration but a beautiful person inside and out! I can't wait to read this! Friends if you want to read a wonderful book based on true stories from Relationships from an Award winning Author and an all around wonder beautiful person please feel free to pick up your copy today at and/or is a must read!

Heather J.R.

So proud of my shippie. This is her second book. A must have for all parents, aunts, grandparent of daughters as well as men and women period. Add this book to the family library resource section. A must read and a must share. Put it on your Christmas list. Make it a coffee table book. Seed excellence in the life of women through words of woman.

Pamela P.

This book is a short read, but does a great job at getting information out there. It is very easy to understand, and very straight forward. I really recommend this to people who are teenagers like myself. It takes very little time to read but you can get so much out of this book. A small background of myself is I am at the time of this review 19 years of age. I was the younger sister to a teenage mother. I know first hand how horrible things can be. While it did work out in my sisters case, something that always stuck with me was her telling me "My greatest regret with my son, was having him so early, not because it was hard. But because I had to work, and go school. I never got to raise my son for the few few years of his life." After working and going to school my sister would only have about 8 hours to sleep and for her son each day. I point this out because this book makes a point to make sure you keep your children happy. I really wanted to share this because like I said it did work out for my sister, but she can never get the time with her son back. If you follow this book, it does have the potential to improve the life you have. Maybe even give you the courage to save yourself from a bad relationship as well.

Olivia W.

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